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Rayfield Companys LTD, Inc. Introduction | September 14, 2008

RAYFIELD COMPANYS LTD, INCORPORATED is a diverse group of International Companys offering Property Finance, Mortgages, Investments in Real Estate, Forestry, Precious Stones, Precious Metals, Mining and Entertainment. RCLTD can offer you the ability to cut your long term loans by 1/3 to 1/2, offer you mortgage interest rates from 2-1/2% to 4-1/2%, offer Interest ONLY loans with no pre-payment penalties or P&I for up to 35 years. RCLTD can offer you investments in property and construction in the fastest growing region of the world today: ASIA. Please continue to monitor this web blog as it will be updated regularly with many diverse options for your investment portfolio as well as offering you great deals on International as well as USA based property at 50% to 75% off of current appraised values.

Areas of Interest:

1) MICM-Managed International Currency Mortgages

2) International Real Estate for Investment: Homes, Condos, Hotels, Apartments, Commercial

3) Asia Real Estate for investment or retirement: Condos, Apartments, Commercial

4) Investment in Precious stones and metals: Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Copper

5) Investment in Mining: JV-Partnerships or Silent Partner Investments

6) Investment in Entertainment: JV-Partnership or Silent Partner Investments International

7) Investment in Forestry: (Fully insured and guaranteed. Low investment High returns 150% -950%)

8) Off-Shore registration of corporations and banking (In full compliance with International Privacy Act)

9) Fully protected Real Estate Investment program for Savvy Investors.

Please forward all questions to:

David Haahr-CEO Rayfield Companys LTD, Incorporated


or for your International Real Estate Needs:

Lynne Haahr-President Rayfield Companys LTD, Incorporated



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We are Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs. Our companys endeavor to offer Socially Acceptable and Green Investments as well as High Yielding Investments for Savvy International Investors.







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